Mobil Oil Company (General Petroleum) Road Maps of California

Mobil Oil Company (General Petroleum) - State of California Road Maps
Mobil Oil Gas Station Road Maps of California
Pictures of Mobil Oil Old Vintage Gas Station Road Maps
Mobil Oil Company - California Maps - Prewar Front
Mobil Oil Company - California Maps - Prewar Back
Mobil Oil Company -  California Maps - Postwar Front
Mobil Oil Company - California Maps - Postwar Back
I believe this is a complete set of Mobil Oil Company maps covering the state of California from 1926 to 1975.  General Petroleum started with the Green General Petroleum logo in 1926, then went to Violet Ray from 1929 to 1932,  and then to the Mobil Red Horse in 1933. The Mobil-CA-Spreadsheet lists all the dates and codes from the General Petroleum, Violet Ray and  Mobil Maps of the State of California.  General Petroleum did not make California maps in 1945, 1952 and 1955, so I have inserted maps of other states for those years. 
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