Beacon (Caminol) Oil Company Gas Station Road Maps of California

Beacon Oil Company (Caminol) - State of California Road Maps
Pictures of Old Vintage Beacon Gas Service Station Road Maps
Beacon Oil Company (Caminol) - Maps of California - Postwar - Front 
Beacon Oil Company (Caminol) - Maps of California - Postwar - Back

I am still looking for some Beacon maps of California as can be seen from the above pictures.  I have recently acquired the 1962 and 1964 Beacon maps (not pictured), the 1962 map is like the 1961 and the 1964 map is like the 1965.  If you have any Beacon California maps not shown in the pictures  I am an interested buyer and can be contacted at info@oilcompanyroadmaps.com.  The attached Beacon-CA-Spreadsheet contains the map codes and descriptions of the California maps
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