Kendall Oil Company Gas Station Road Maps

Kendall - State Road Maps 
Kendall Refining Company Gas Station Road Maps
Pictures of Kendall Refining Oil Company Vintage Road Maps
Old Kendall Guide Maps and Road Maps from Service Stations
Kendall - Road Maps - Prewar - Front
Kendall - Road Maps - Prewar - Back
Kendall - Road Maps - Postwar - Front 
Kendall - Road Maps -  Postwar - Back

This set is a collection of random states maps issued by Kendall.  The map shown above as a 1953 map is really a 1955 map, the real 1953 map is similar, but instead of a white circle in the center, the map has a white band similar to the 1959 map, but it has the sign configuration shown in the 1955 map.  Hope that make sense.

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