Martin 1 Oil Company Gas Service Station Road Maps

Martin 1 (Carbondale) - State Road Maps 
Martin 1 - Road Maps - Front 
Martin 1 - Road Maps - Back

This set is a collection of random states maps issued by Martin 1 (Carbondale).  All Martin 1 maps list Arkansas as one of the states where they market and all Martin 2 maps list Colorado as one of the states where they market.  Carbondale is printed on the 1947 map and the 1966-1973 maps.

The 1947 and 1948 maps were issued before the company split into two companies and include both Colorado and Arkansas in their marketing area.  I have included those maps in Martin 1.  In the early 1950's the company split into two Martin Companies, thus Martin 1 and Martin 2.   With the exception of the pre 1954 maps the two map series have different covers,  but it appears that both Martin 1 and Martin 2 issued maps of Illinois and Indiana and possible other states for most years, as they both marketed in some of the same states.   The map codes and map details for this series are shown in the following clickable link  Martin 1 Spreadsheet

note: (If you have visited my website in the past, I have switched the Martin 1 and 2 maps lists)

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