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Welcome to www.OilCompanyRoadMaps.com

My goal is to provide a photo map dating website for Oil Company Road Maps, so map collectors and sellers can date their maps as easily and accurately as possible.  Also, new and experienced collectors will be able to see what is out there to collect and have a checklist of sorts accessible from Computers, Tablets, and Mobil Phones.  Many map collectors are cover collectors, meaning that if a map cover is produced for several years, they only collect one year.  The every year collections shown on the following webpages allow a cover collector to determine how many covers exist for a given oil company, without wondering if they have all of the covers for that company.

On most webpages you will only see State maps, not regional maps or city maps, but there are many situations where I have included regional or city maps because either state maps do not exist for those years or I have not found one yet.  I try to collect every variation of the state maps issued for each oil company, but usually only one is shown on the picture pages.  If you look at the clickable spreadsheets, they often show that some years more than one cover design was produced even though they are not shown on the webpages.

This website typically will show pictures of Road Maps issued by Oil Companies in a four picture set for each company listed.  The pictures will include a prewar (1916-1945) set of two pictures showing both front and back covers, and a postwar (1946-1975) set of two pictures showing both front and back covers.   The pictures show the maps displayed on a map board, the locations on the board where maps for that company either don't exist or I don't have a copy will reveal the last two digits of that year, so you can quickly navigate the picture sets.  I have changed this format in some cases to better display map sets on fewer webpages for some companies.  A spreadsheet showing detailed map identification dates and codes and descriptions will be included for many of the map picture sets.  

Site Navigation
At the top of this page are clickable links to all the map webpages on this site.  At the bottom of some of the pages there will be a clickable link to a  printable Spreadsheet showing the map codes and descriptions of the maps in that picture set that will open in a separate window.  note: if you have trouble reading the spreadsheets, you can click on the three dashes in the upper right of the webpage and click on the + sign to make the page larger, and - to make it smaller again.

This website will feature Road Maps issued by Oil Companies that cover the State of California and the City of Los Angeles.  In addition, most of the Standard Oil companies and most of the major oil companies are covered.  Some of the companies that issued maps in California were national brands, so the information can be used as an example for other states where those companies issued maps.  This site will not cover all oil companies that issued maps or all maps issued by any individual oil company, and is based on my personal collection, so if I don't collect it, you will not see it here.   I have tried to collect sets of maps covering a specific state or city so that you can see the patterns in the map codes.  These map code patterns are not as obvious if you have maps from different states and cities all mixed up.  
I have just added a number of smaller company web pages.

Map Dating help
There are pages to help date H.M. Gousha, Rand McNally, and General Drafting Maps. (see web pages starting with Dating . . . )

I am still an active map collector, located in Southern California.  I have added notes on the bottom of some of the web pages that provide a little information about the  map set and indicate if I am interested in acquiring additional maps issued by that company.   Some maps I am looking for are rare, but most are not, and the fact that I do not have one may only mean that I have not found it yet.

My contact email address is califmaps@gmail.com.  If you have a map I don't have in my pictures or on my spreadsheets and are considering parting with it, send me an email with the map title, year, map code, description of the condition of the map and a price if you have one.   But remember I only collect specific companies and specific states and cities, and am not interested in maps of other companies and places, see each specific webpage for my wants.

I hope collectors and sellers find the information included in this website helpful.  
Publishing this site is a process and will take some time.  I will be adding new companies periodically.  I am currently adding and updating many picture pages and the Spreadsheets for many companies as of this writing in August, 2019.  You can check in from time to time to see what I have added.


Nick L. Nielsen

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