Kendall Oil Company Gas Station Road Maps

Kendall - State Road Maps 
Kendall Refining Company Gas Station Road Maps
Pictures of Kendall Refining Oil Company Vintage Road Maps
Old Kendall Guide Maps and Road Maps from Service Stations
Kendall - Road Maps - Prewar - Front
Kendall - Road Maps - Prewar - Back
Kendall - Road Maps - Postwar - Front 
Kendall - Road Maps -  Postwar - Back

I believe this is a complete set of random state maps for Kendall.  Postwar they issued maps every few years, but I know of no
years they issued maps that are not shown here.  On the prewar page, in the upper left corner I show three Ohio maps that
are different than those issued for other states.  In the 1935-1937 Ohio maps, gasoline is not advertised on the maps, only motor
 oil, interesting. 

The following clickable link will open a Check-List type Spreadsheet that will include Map Codes, Copyright Dates and other descriptive information for the above pictured map series.    Kendall-Spreadsheet
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