Esso 1966-1972 Map Cover

Esso 1966-1972 Map Covers - Various State Road Maps 
Esso 1966-1972 Map Covers
The above Maps are representative of the uniform Esso and Enco map program from 1966-1972.  The above maps issued for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ark-Lou-Miss from 1966-1972 are examples of that uniform map program.   The Pennsylvania series has 9 different cover designs during that period.  Other states do not have all of these covers.   The yellow shirt man and the brown shirt man covers are not issued by all states, in fact, as an example, neither map was issued for the State of California.  

The attached spreadsheet  shows for maps issued for Ark-Lou-Miss, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas and Calif-Nev.  Most states do not have all of the covers.  The following clickable link will open a Check-List type Spreadsheet that will include Map Codes, Copyright Dates and other descriptive information for all 5 map titles mentioned above.  

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