Pan-Am (Pan American Petroleum) Oil Company Gas Station Road Maps

Pan-Am (Pan American Petroleum) - State Road Maps
Pan-Am - Prewar-Front    The Pan American maps above are published by the "Mexican Petroleum Corporation" and the "Pan American
Petroleum Corporation".
Pan-Am - Prewar - Back

Pan-Am - Postwar - Front
Pan-Am - Postwar - Back
The pictures above represent a set of PAN-AM maps produced by the "Mexican Petroleum Corporation", the "Pan American 
Petroleum Corporation", the "Pan-Am Southern Corporation", and the  "American Oil Company".

The top row of maps are published by the Mexican Petroleum Corporation, these represent the North Eastern States.  The first map
is undated, probably 1926 or 1927,  and then there is a series between 1929 and 1932 representing the Mexican Petroleum Corp,
these are the same covers as the Pan American Corporation maps directly below them, but the 1930-1932 maps do not have the
name of the company at the bottom of the map cover.

The second row of maps are published by the Pan American Petroleum Corporation.  They start in 1928 and represent the South-Eastern States and continue until 1956.

The 1957 and 1958 Maps are the transition maps from Pan-Am Southern Corporation to the American Oil Company, showing both Pan-Am and AMOCO logos.

The following clickable link will open a Check-List type Spreadsheet that will include Map Codes, Copyright Dates and other descriptive information for the above pictured map series.   Pan American-Spreadsheet
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