Husky Oil Company Gas Station Road Maps

Husky - State Road Maps 
Collectable Husky Gas Oil Station Road Maps
Pictures of Old Vintage Husky Gas Service Station Road Maps
Husky Oil Company early maps
Husky Oil Company early maps
Husky - Road Maps - Front 
Husky - Road Maps - Back
This set is a collection of random states maps issued by Husky.

Husky maps were issued by the Husky Oil Company as shown above, and they were also issued by the Western Oil & Fuel Company.
Those maps can be seen on the Western Oil & Fuel webpage.

The following clickable link will open a Check-List type Spreadsheet that will include Map Codes, Copyright Dates and other descriptive information for the above pictured map series.  Husky-Spreadsheet

It is also confusing in that 1955-1960 period, Husky maps also show H. Earl Clack  as the company of issue and include the Hi-Power Brand.  H. Earl Clack also issued maps under the Hi-Power brand only through 1956, see H. Earl Clack webpage.

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